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Baby dwaygun

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A surprise when we got home today.....

Tuday wen me an maw maw gotz bak to WockSpwingz me fownd dumpin nu in me woom!
I hud a noyz an it stawtud movin doe me waytud! waytud, den me saw un I!

Den me nu fwend Boo pahpt up..... Evweee Boo!

Heowz me an Boo pwayin boatz!

We had a big pawtee and duh band pwayd on.......

Wut derpwizez did u fin tuday?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Life of a Baby Dragon

Duzt hangin wiff me fwendz. Ant Eweee dav deez fwogz tu me maw maw cuz dee coweckted vegtablez. hehehehe

Heowz a pictow ov me widden wiff Bwitnee Speowz. Dee didn put me seetbeowt on oh putt me in a caw seet! Jamwall tuk diz pictow ov me.

Kickin back wiff me kowboy bwankee.... Me duzt adowabow in diz picktow!

Me wiff ant eweeez watow bottow. Me in me sweepin bag....

Duh wife ov a babbee dwagun iz bettow den duh wife ov a kat ....

Aint dee pictowz doe kewt?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

American Idol...A tribute to Sanjiah

Sanjiah wuz kikt off Amerikun Idow wazt nite. He didn ding hiz dongz vewee dood so he had tu doe. Mawmaw wuz not wootin fow him butt me yiked him bekuz he had a diffwunt haow du evwee week. Me favwut haow du wuz duh mowhawk whaow he put hiz haow up in 6 ponee taowz an day stud stwait up. fwum duh fwunt hiz haow wookt yike a mowhawk an it wuz doe funnee tu watch. Az a finow twibute to Sanjiah, diz pictow iz fow him!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thoughts of April

Apwow iz a spwing mumph. In duh spwing Me kan see gween spwigz ov gwaz, fowwuz an twee weefz. Me yikez spwing! In dug spwing, Mawmaw haz a smiow on huh faz cuz spwing putz a new smiow on huh faz an a nu spwing in huh step. Me ezpechowee yikez spwing cuz me noz dat duh meeowz weow bee heow doon! Yum Yum!!!

Whut du yike duh bezt uhbowt spwing?

Monday, April 02, 2007


I have a question for all my blogger friends and family. Do you want me to write as the Baby Dragon you all knew before I learned to use spell check or do you want me to write in my baby dragon voice like I talk? Your vote is important and it counts so please vote! You can only vote once.... Ant Eweeee!

[ ] yes, write in baby dragon talk

[ ] no, write in adult voice but stay the same adorable baby dragon

I will let you know by my next blog which way I will write!


Chuck AKA: Meanie