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Baby dwaygun

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Disney World...

Me an mawmaw ah in Ohlandoh an wee aw in a taow hohtell, taowuh den annee tweez mee hav evuh deen! Wee ah on duh 17th fwoh. It haz waynd evwee day an uh huhakayn iz suppoz tu kum. Me nevuh deen a huhakayn doh diz mite bee fun oh nawt.
Me pikt owt pwezuntz foh Lolly, Ant Ewee, Ant Woobee, Kaylee, Lizzy an oh yah foh Jason. Day ah foh Kizmuz doh don azk! Dee u ah doon!
P.S. Hi Lee Ann an Chewy, Dilly an Bob! Nawt u Jamwall.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Orange Tree....

Mawmaw fownd me diz picktow ov uh ohwinj twee an sed dat me kan pozt it on my bwog. Me nawt shuh waow dee dot diz picktow butt me yike it uhwot! Me yike poopow tweez duh bezt butt me dohnt hav picktowz ov poopow tweez! Me dohin tu dee if me mawmaw weow tayk picktow ov me wiff uh punkin!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lazy Saturday...

Foh dum weezun me kant pozt uh picktow duhday doh me weow duzt wite me bwog!

Me an mawmaw got hohm yeztohday aftownoon den mawmaw went tu duh kiropwacktow den went tu dee Kaylee an Lizzy wiffowt me an dat mayd me mad. I towd huh me fowgav hud doh an gayv huh uh noz hug yike Bob T. Bear dez tu doo!

Den mawmaw got ah pwettee up an wen foh uh dayt. Diz iz duh fuzt tym in a wong tym dee did dat an den dee spayd dat smaowee duff on huh doh dee smaow doh dood! Me didn get tu dee huh dayt cuz me wuz in duh bedwoom dumpin on duh bed.

Duh day Mawmaw an me duzt wayd uhwownd duhday. Itz doh dood tu bee hohm. Me not show iff me getz tu doh wiff mawmaw diz week tu Ohlandoh butt me whant tu dee mickey mowz!

Hav a dood weekin evwee wun!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thoughts from the dashboard....

Me an Mawmaw ah on duh woad uhdin diz week. Az me sitz on dee dashbowd whawchun duh wode, wookin at duh seenuhwee an maykin twuck noyzuz wen wee pazzuz dem, me hav awot ov tym tu fink.

Me ben finkun bowt duh whazt tu yeowz an aw duh chaynguz in me an mawmawz wifz. Duhday iz duh tu yeow annuhvuhzuhwee ov wen pawpaw died an ah whold chayngd. At fuzt mawmaw uzt tu kwi aw duh tym den dee qwit kwiun an wuz duzt zad den wee moovd tu Whok Spwingz an me gotz tu pway wiff Kaylee & Lizzee aw duh tym an Laura eeven yikez mee now! Den me an mawmaw stawtud tu twavvow aw duh tym an me lund ah duh townz in Wyoming. Sum me yikez an sum me don yike butt me an mawmaw hav aw favwutz.

Den mawmaw stawtud meet nu peepow an stawtud tu dayt uhdin an dat mayd huh smiow uhdin an me yiked dat uhwot! Peepow need peepow cuz datz wut day yike. Baybee dwagunz need peepow tu an mozt peepow yike me butt dum dohnt yike me an me whont naym dem butt day no who day aw, huh Unko Gott? hehehehehe

Me gotz me whotz an whotz ov nu fwendz on me bwog ohvuh duh whazt tu yeowz an dat maykz me smiow tu. An ov kowz me ahwayz hav me uhdoptud famwee who wuvz me vewee vewee much!

Me whantz tu fank evwee wun who bizutz me bwog an kaowz doh much fow me an Mawmaw!


Monday, October 15, 2007

Stock Pile.....

This is a picture of a cache of pine cones I discovered under a tree at the Game & Fish cabin on my way to Green River Lake last week. I thought it would make a neat jigsaw puzzle. I used to have an address where I could send pictures and have puzzles made from them but I have lost it. Does anyone have a catalog or website address they are willing to share with me so I can have a jigsaw puzzle made from this picture?
Chuck's Mom

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Picture for Jamwall.....

Jamwall whahntud mee tu dwaw uh picktow ov him. Diz iz it! Mee put poopow jam on me feet an payntud duh waow. Mawmaw ded dat iz uh niz picktow butt den dee gayv me uh wag an mayd me whash it! Duh doke wuz fun whiow it waztud! hehehhehehee

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A wellness day...

This is Fremont Lake in the 60's, where we learned to swim. Ms. Creek sent me this photo.
Back Row from Left to Right is our beloved sister Beckie who was murderd in 1990 and Jo.
Front Row from Left to Right is Beverly Jennsen, Ms. Creek, Bunny and Purple Velvet. The person sitting on the beach is either Aunt Laura Bell or Pennie; I can't tell with this photo and this angle. If you know who it is, please let me know and I will change this caption.

This is the Game and Fish cabin where my family had many wonderful memories.

Yesterday I took a wellness day and drove 100 miles north to where I grew up. This time of year is always hard on me but this year has been especially hard. I got it in my head that I wanted to take pictures of Quaking Aspen trees so I can paint them at a later date. Unfortunately, I was about two weeks too late but I had a very pleasant day enjoying Mother Nature and her healing powers. Here are some more memorable places from childhood...

This is the first view of Square Top Mountain from the road before arriving at Green River Lake.

This is Square Top Mountain on the shore of Green River Lake. It was such a beautiful day!

This is the shoreline of Fremont Lake which is where we learned to swim. This lake is glacier fed so it was very cold even in the heat of the summer. My sisters and I had many hours of fun swimming in this lake. (after our bodies became numb)

Another picture of the shoreline of Fremont Lake.

This is Fremont Peak on Skyline Drive. The glacier at the foot of this mountain feeds Fremont Lake which in turn is the water supply for the town of Pinedale.

It is amazing to me how Mother Nature has a way of healing and renewing. I am feeling the energy from the earth and my spirit soaring....I am feeling so much better today!

Meanie's Mawmaw

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Picture for Chewy.....

Chewy whahntud me tu paynt huh a picktow. Dahwee Chewy it don hav a waynbow oh fwowoz butt it hav tweez, uh kabin an wotz ov no! Duh next picktow weow hav dem doh ohkay?

Bob T. Bear Esq.'s Picture of me....

Heowz a picktow dat Bob dwooh ov me an Dilly kolowed! Didn day do a veweee dood dob? Wen me gwow up me weow have wingz an fwi an bwow moke owt ov me noz. hehehe

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ant Woobee...

Ant Woobee iz so tiowd doh me tayk uh nap wiff huh!
Me div Ant Woobee uh hug doh dee hav weow dweet dweemz.
Nite Nite Ant Woobee!
(Ant Woobee nawt tandin up dwayt!)


Faw iznt duh tyme tu faw down itz duh tyme foh weevz tu faw on duh gwownd butt fuzt day tun diffwunt kolowz!

Ant Eweee wet me uz diz picktow cuz Mawmaw haz ben tu bizzee tu tayk picktowz.

Wee hav ben twavowin uhdin. Diz wazt week wee wen tu Cheyenne. Itz awong wayz tu Cheyenne! Duh wind wuz bwowin weow hawd aw duh way der an aw duh way bak!

Me wookin fohwud tu mawmaw gettin uh punkin cuz me yike tu bwow owt duh kandow in duh Jack-oh-whantun! Whut du u yike uhbowt Fall?