Meanie: AKA: Chuck

Baby dwaygun

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mee gotz maow!

Wook!!! Dilly zent mee duh picktow dee dwoo ov mee an Ant Eweee ah duh way fwum Ingwun!

Dee, itz Royal Maow fwum duh qween huh saohf! Mee gotz pwoof!

An Dilly mayd me diz kawd dat dez DINO-MITE on duh fwunt. Dilly iz doh dood at maykun kawds and doh spaoshow!

Mee weed it tu u... it dez..."hewo Chuck! Dilly think Chuck be dino-mite! Luv fwom Dilly Fnarr! Boy Dilly shuh kan wite weow dood tuff!

Den Dilly dwah uh picktow ov uh Dino-mite wiff pink tow nayowz!

Tank u Dilly foh bee in doh niz tu mee and foh zendin mee maow ah duh way fwum Ingwin fwum duh Royal Qween!



Monday, August 25, 2008

Huntin kamp...

Satuhday, Gaywee, Mawmaw an mee took Kaylee and Lizzy on uh wide tu huntin kamp tu sit up Gayweez kampoh. Kaylee an Lizzy had fun pwayun wiff stikz an fwagz.

Oops, sawwee Lizzy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bi Bi Unko Bwiun!

Diz iz mee dayin doodbi tu Bwiun...hee doh dad dat he haz tu weev me!

Diz iz uh picktow ov mee an Mawmaw taykin Bwiun tu duh aowpoht. Mee yike whydin on duh dash! hehehehe

Heowz uh picktow ov Bwiun an mee Mawmaw. Bi bi Bwiun, wee mizz U!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wook wutz dohin on uhwownd heow...Mee dohin to taow on U2!

Dingz ah steow uh big mezz uhwownd heow... Heow iz Bryan an Lolly maykin uh mezz on duh ceewing.
Diz iz evuhdunz dat Bryan iz untin Lolly oh day ah pozin foh diz picktow....

Mow picktowz to fahwoh......


Friday, August 15, 2008

Wook wut me dotz foh bein uh dood dwagun!

Me Mawmawz fwend, San, dayv mee diz uhwawd foh bein a vewee vewee dood dwagun.

Now mee bein showfohd uhwownd by Britney Spears! hehehehehe

Bi Bi foh now!



Thursday, August 14, 2008

More birthday pictures....

Mawmaw iz dohin tu wite uh bowt huh buffday cuz itz tu hawd foh me tu dump fwum kee tu kee wiff aw diz tuff! Dee iz dohin tu xpwayn dem foh me!

Thank you everyone for thinking of me on my special day. I had a marvelous birthday.

In the back, is a beautiful bouquet with purple irisis, pink carnations, mini pink carnations, red roses and other flowers that I love. This bouquet came from my good friend, San in New Mexico. The bottle just to the left of the bouquet has the 'sage & lavender' she sent me. I love those two aromas together! The lid has holes in it. She also sent me a book "Conscious Dreaming" and the card with the river. Thanks San!

In the back on the left is a birthday card from my penpal, Janet from New Jersey. We have been penpals since the 4th grade. We have stayed in touch all of these years (can it really be 44 years?) and she has never forgotten one of my birthdays. Thanks, Janet!

The next card, sitting on a beautifully carved purple stone box is from Ellie. Inside was a beautiful pair of gold leaf earrings. The card reads, "It's true, we are good at multitasking!" Inside it says, "Yep, we can sneeze, laugh, cough and pee, all at the same time!" I just about multi tasked when I read it! LOL

The next card is from my dear sister, Rubye Jean in Arizona. It reads: "For My Sister, through our years together and our moments of laughter, our tears of sadness, and our joy and happiness... I've always been glad that your'e my sister!" Then she wrote a very sweet personal note. Thank you Rubye Jean, you are very precious to me too!

The basket of daisys is from my employer.

To the far left in front is a card from my friend Karen in Saratoga. She also gave me a silver friendship bracelet. We had a wonderful time with them this past weekend in Saratoga.

To the far right, is Chuck with his gift from Ellie. The dog looks like a rat terrier with a rat in its mouth and of course a rock which he calls poopie.

I also received phone calls from my kids, grand kids, Michelle, Megan, Anna Jo & her kids, my good friend Tonie in Afton, Nancy and Ron my cousins in Story and other friends.

I had a marvelous day! Thank you everyone for making it so special!

Jo & Chuck

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Itz Finwee tym tu ohpun mawmawz pwezuntz!

Mee ben waytun an waytun tu ohpun pwezuntz doh now mee ditz tu! Mawmaw ded itz ohkay duhday!

Mee wook in Ant Eweeez box fuzt. Der iz dumpin fuhmeeow uhbowt dat bag!

Ooooh, it a wuvwee stohn box wiff dum gown weef eeewingz foh mawmaw an uh funnee kawd!Heehee dat funnee Ant Eweee! Now itz mee tun tu ohpun mee pwezunt fwum Ant Eweee! Mee waytud an waytud tu ohpun it!

Wook! Itz uh pwetee wittow doggee an uh poooppeee! Mee wuv pooppeeez!

Now itz mawmawz tuhn tu ohpun huh pwezunt fwum San in New Mexico! Itz uh book wiff no picktowz an uh kawd an sum dood smeowin duff kawd: Sage & Lavender! Oooh, Maw Maw yikez dat duff!

Dank u evwee wun foh dendin mawmaw buffday whishuz an dendin mee duff tu!

Happee Buffday Mawmaw!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

There is something going on around here....

Wen i dot up diz mownin der wuz dumpin diffwunt bowtz duh kichun dink.

Mee wookt an itz updide down!

Wut duh hay iz dohin on uhwownd heow?

Friday, August 08, 2008

Me Kaw Ant Eweee....

Tuday Mawmaw gotz diz pwetee pink pwezunt fwum San! Mee finkz it muzt bee dumpin spaoshow! hehehe

Mee Kawd Ant Eweee an towd huh dat MawMawz buffday pwezunt kaym in duh mayo. It uh doopwiz an mee didnt ohpun it.

Now... AJ qwit yo kwiun!


Friday, August 01, 2008

Wook wut Dilly Did!

Me an Ante Ewee bizzittun!

Dilly dwoo diz picktow! Dee Dun Dood!

Dankz Dilly!



Pwinzezz Dilly!

Me dwah diz picktow ov Dilly foh huh cuz deez mee fwend an dee wuz zad dat nowun dwooh uh picktow ov huh ownwee Bob.

Me wuz vewee kayfoh wiff Kaylee's and Lizzy's kwayonz an kolowd it niz duzt yike Dilly!

It zayz: Tu Dilly Luv, Chuck an den mee dwah uh pink an poopow hawt! hehehe